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What Is A Press Release

You may have heard a lot about press releases. You may have heard that press releases help you improve the PR of your business and its services and products. But before you go ahead and write your press release, it is very important for you to understand the concept of press release and what is the purpose of press release.

A press release is basically a written communication which conveys the message or simple brief information about a particular event, company, new product launch, or about the launch of a new company. These are reporting specific and it can be written in third person mostly. 

You can send your press release to the media through variety of ways; but, your press release should be really interesting and specific enough to be picked up by news media. However, as the technology and the world of technology grows, there are many times when social media users and bloggers may start promoting your press release through the internet if they find it worthy enough to promote.

This is why it is indeed very important for you to write a catchy and interesting press release.

There are two types of press release – one of these can be released immediately or it can be called as the immediate release. Anyone or any media house can use or repeat the information of these press release; as soon as it is made public. The other kind of press releases is limited and can be repeated immediately by certain media houses. After a few days or sometime, the release is offered to other websites, media houses and other blog owners for publication.

  • Targeted Distribution 80%
  • Premium Publishers 45%
  • Multi-Network Distribution 95%

What are the main purposes of Press Release?

The main motive of a press release is to provide information about the particular event or the product. You must know that there is a difference between news and a press release. The idea of press release is simple – to improve your PR. Hope you are benefited with the information provided.

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Five Upscale Restaurants in Waikiki, Oahu

Five Upscale Restaurants in Waikiki, Oahu

A luxury vacation in Waikiki, Oahu entails more than a stay at one of its high-end resort hotels. Fine dining is an important element of a vacation; culinary travel, when done right, engages the senses in ways that fast food simply cannot. These upscale restaurants in Waikiki add to the 5-star experience of luxury travel in Hawaii. There are other fantastic, best restaurants in larger Honolulu as well, of course. These below are in the Waikiki area of Oahu.

Sansei Seafood Resraurant & Sushi Bar

Located in the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, this Sansei Seafood Restaurant is part of a small, local chain. The other Sanseis are in Kehei and Kapalua on Maui, and in the Waikoloa Beach Resort area of the Big Island. The small size of this chain points to its ability to succeed in a somewhat saturated market while maintaining high quality and a sense of uniqueness. They achieve this through their unique use of dinnerware. They use beautiful slate as their plates, you can find more information here

The Pacific Rim “tapas” style appetizers are creative and flavorful, and the sushi puts many other Asian restaurants to shame. Try the drinks; it’s hard to resist some of the fantastic, colorful  
cocktails here. 

Roy’s Waikiki

Roy’s has locations in California, Florida, Texas, and a few other US states along with Hawaii. The Roy’s in the Ko’ Olina resort area is a highly sought-after restaurant, but tourists staying closer to Waikiki should find reservations easier to obtain here. The specialty at all Roy’s restaurants is Hawaiian fusion cuisine, with local catches like Ono and Opakapaka on the menu with choice steaks and other high-end entrees. Ask about the locally sourced entrees, and enjoy knowing that your dinner is as fresh as it gets. The prix fixe menu changes with the seasons, and offers choices for each course; it’s is a recommended way to get a good sense of what Roy’s has to offer.

La Mer

La Mer is in the Halekulani resort area on the beach of Waikiki. It’s one of Wailiki’s most upscale and elegant dining spots; as the name suggests, La Mer is a French restaurant. While this may seem a bit out of place for Hawaiian culinary travel, the fresh ingredients are from the islands – important for helping sustainable farming and fishing. The French cuisine here is unmistakable, though, and makes for a lovely break from the poi and poke of authentic Hawaiian restaurants. This being a truly upscale restaurant, La Mer has a dress code and asks that only children over age 8 join their parents for dinner here. We had a great time, they definitely followed the steps detailed here.


The Royal Hawaiian’s Azure restaurant provides for an unbelievable, upscale Hawaii culinary experience. Seafood is the focus here, served on large, unique plates, with local catches receiving the full South Pacific treatment. Regional cuisine is the star, and it’s just wonderful to enjoy a culinary and cultural experience at the same time (without going to a luau). There’s no strict dress code, this restaurant embracing Hawaiian culture; however the setting is 5-star. The chefs are award-winning, and take care in selecting from the day’s catch each morning. Azure Restaurant is absolutely a must for a luxury vacation dining experience in Waikiki.

Michel’s at the Colony Surf

Okay, so Michel’s at the Colony Surf is actually just outside of Waikiki, at Diamond Head, but it’s so close – and so deserving – that it can’t be left off this list of best Waikiki upscale restaurants. La Mer meets Azure at Michel’s, with Hawaiian influences on traditional French haute cuisine. The most romantic restaurant in (yes, near) Waikiki, Michel’s at the Colony Surf is also considered among the world’s best restaurants. An example of the Hawaiian/French mashup is the Hardy’s Hawaiian Bouillabaisse. South Pacific flavors accentuate the local fish, lobster, shrimp, and other bouillabaisse seafood ingredients perfectly for a new take on an old dish. It’s seen again in the Hawaiian Apple-Banana Flambe dessert.

This restaurant is a destination unto itself, so call prior to your Hawaii vacation for reservations. 
From golf to surfing to swimming with wild dolphins, there is no shortage of terrific vacation 
activities in Oahu. For those travelers having a luxury stay in Waikiki, any of these restaurants 
will round out a Hawaii vacation day in the most delicious, upscale way. They are all 
Customized pillows and its role in sleep industry

Customized pillows and its role in sleep industry

 The sleep industry has grown into a billion dollar industry in recent times as sleeping experience is becoming more and more important aspect in people’s lives. With stress that comes with daily life, whether it is personal or professional, people want something that could ease up the process and give them a better sleeping experience so that they can wake up next morning fresh ready to be equipped with anything. Among Americans, in a recent report, it has been estimated that, around 80% of Americans can’t have a good sleep due to one or the other reason. While nothing can be done in different aspects of life like personal or professional, what we can do is, mitigate the factors that can hinder a good sleep in terms of the arrangements.

And here comes the role of the mattress and pillows. Now, pillows cover roughly 20% of the bed yet, it can be significant as equally as the mattress. Even with a mattress that is suitable for you, you still may not get a good sleep because the pillow wasn’t right. The pillows hence carries such an importance that many market Giants have opted for the motto, “don’t leave with pillow”. But here comes the dilemma. The way you like your pillow, I may not like it. You may prefer a pillow that’s more of a Fiber made so that the level of puffiness is less while I may prefer a pillow that’s more soft and puffy.

To address these issues, customized pillows are made. And voila! It created a different dimension to the industry. How many times you found difficulty in sleeping just because the pillow was bothering you so much? You fluff it, try to give it a shape, or if it’s hot, then you turn it around so that the colder side brings to the top. But it is a troublesome experience. Why you should awake just because of a pillow? Or just because the pillow was giving so much unwanted irritations?

That’s why customized pillows have taken a great amount of share in sleep industry. Mattress is there. And to some level, you can compromise it because the body isn’t that sensitive to the material. But when it comes to head and neck, little details matter. Just the shape of the pillow can make or break it. That’s why, many a times at night, people tend to fluff the pillows so that it becomes their desired shape again. Or the softness/hardness of the desired level comes into play. But while doing it, it wakes us up. And then you need to add another 30 minutes or so to get into sleep again. In the end, you are deprived of a good sleep.

With so many troubles, stress around our lives, the last thing we want is a deprived sleep because of a pillow or a mattress. That’s how crucial the sleep industry has become in terms of affecting people’s lives. With a good sleep, you have a greater productivity and hence your performance level will also increase which also means that a deprived sleep can hinder your potential.

But it doesn’t end there. Pillows also carry a personal relationship. When you are at lowest, you tend to hug the pillow and it does carry a psychological aspect too which signifies its role in giving a support emotionally. With so much troublesome days ahead, pillows aren’t just a tool for sleeping anymore. Like the “safety blanket”, it has also become an integral element in giving support emotionally.

And the sleep industry wouldn’t want to miss these opportunities. With customized pillows, the sleep industry has added another product into its list which has the potential to become an integral factor in day to day life of any person.


Tips To Write Good Press Releases

Tips To Write Good Press Releases

Press releases are one of the most important ways of PR for your business and you must make sure that when you write a press release it can impress your readers and draw them into your business. A press release shouldn’t be way too dreamy or way too catchy but it should have the ability to inform your readers about various things your business is offering.

Here are a few tips to write a good press release—

  • The headline should be good enough – Just like any other articles you write in news papers and magazines, press releases too should have a catchy and attractive headline. The headline itself draws your readers in to the body of the press release.
  • Don’t beat around the bush – Be up front and to the point. The very first paragraph of the press release should be on point and you should never ever try to talk something else because honestly, most reporters won’t read the whole release. They will read the first one or two sentences and then assume the rests on his own. Try to get to the main motive of the release as soon as possible.
  • Your press release should be grammatically flawless – Trust me; nothing turns us off than a grammatical error. You must make sure that your press release is grammatically flawless. No need to use any heavy words. All you need to do is use simple words without any mistakes that convey the message.
  • Use of Quotes – There are people who use quotes related to their product or company in the press releases in such a natural way that it makes the release look very good. Use such quotes in your press releases. Make sure that it doesn’t look like it came out of the blue. Make it look like it came naturally.
  • Don’t make it too long – Press releases shouldn’t be more than two pages. One page is actually enough; but two is the maximum amount of pages you can use. Not more than that.
  • Include your contact information – As a business body, it should be your responsibility to put contact information in the press release. The reporters can follow you up with these in regards to some further information about your company or in case they want to make a cover story on some of your products. It can be your company’s phone number, e-mail address or maybe any other mode of contact.

These are a few tips to write a good press release. Use these simple tips to write the best press release.

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