The sleep industry has grown into a billion dollar industry in recent times as sleeping experience is becoming more and more important aspect in people’s lives. With stress that comes with daily life, whether it is personal or professional, people want something that could ease up the process and give them a better sleeping experience so that they can wake up next morning fresh ready to be equipped with anything. Among Americans, in a recent report, it has been estimated that, around 80% of Americans can’t have a good sleep due to one or the other reason. While nothing can be done in different aspects of life like personal or professional, what we can do is, mitigate the factors that can hinder a good sleep in terms of the arrangements.

And here comes the role of the mattress and pillows. Now, pillows cover roughly 20% of the bed yet, it can be significant as equally as the mattress. Even with a mattress that is suitable for you, you still may not get a good sleep because the pillow wasn’t right. The pillows hence carries such an importance that many market Giants have opted for the motto, “don’t leave with pillow”. But here comes the dilemma. The way you like your pillow, I may not like it. You may prefer a pillow that’s more of a Fiber made so that the level of puffiness is less while I may prefer a pillow that’s more soft and puffy.

To address these issues, customized pillows are made. And voila! It created a different dimension to the industry. How many times you found difficulty in sleeping just because the pillow was bothering you so much? You fluff it, try to give it a shape, or if it’s hot, then you turn it around so that the colder side brings to the top. But it is a troublesome experience. Why you should awake just because of a pillow? Or just because the pillow was giving so much unwanted irritations?

That’s why customized pillows have taken a great amount of share in sleep industry. Mattress is there. And to some level, you can compromise it because the body isn’t that sensitive to the material. But when it comes to head and neck, little details matter. Just the shape of the pillow can make or break it. That’s why, many a times at night, people tend to fluff the pillows so that it becomes their desired shape again. Or the softness/hardness of the desired level comes into play. But while doing it, it wakes us up. And then you need to add another 30 minutes or so to get into sleep again. In the end, you are deprived of a good sleep.

With so many troubles, stress around our lives, the last thing we want is a deprived sleep because of a pillow or a mattress. That’s how crucial the sleep industry has become in terms of affecting people’s lives. With a good sleep, you have a greater productivity and hence your performance level will also increase which also means that a deprived sleep can hinder your potential.

But it doesn’t end there. Pillows also carry a personal relationship. When you are at lowest, you tend to hug the pillow and it does carry a psychological aspect too which signifies its role in giving a support emotionally. With so much troublesome days ahead, pillows aren’t just a tool for sleeping anymore. Like the “safety blanket”, it has also become an integral element in giving support emotionally.

And the sleep industry wouldn’t want to miss these opportunities. With customized pillows, the sleep industry has added another product into its list which has the potential to become an integral factor in day to day life of any person.