Press releases are one of the most important ways of PR for your business and you must make sure that when you write a press release it can impress your readers and draw them into your business. A press release shouldn’t be way too dreamy or way too catchy but it should have the ability to inform your readers about various things your business is offering.

Here are a few tips to write a good press release—

  • The headline should be good enough – Just like any other articles you write in news papers and magazines, press releases too should have a catchy and attractive headline. The headline itself draws your readers in to the body of the press release.
  • Don’t beat around the bush – Be up front and to the point. The very first paragraph of the press release should be on point and you should never ever try to talk something else because honestly, most reporters won’t read the whole release. They will read the first one or two sentences and then assume the rests on his own. Try to get to the main motive of the release as soon as possible.
  • Your press release should be grammatically flawless – Trust me; nothing turns us off than a grammatical error. You must make sure that your press release is grammatically flawless. No need to use any heavy words. All you need to do is use simple words without any mistakes that convey the message.
  • Use of Quotes – There are people who use quotes related to their product or company in the press releases in such a natural way that it makes the release look very good. Use such quotes in your press releases. Make sure that it doesn’t look like it came out of the blue. Make it look like it came naturally.
  • Don’t make it too long – Press releases shouldn’t be more than two pages. One page is actually enough; but two is the maximum amount of pages you can use. Not more than that.
  • Include your contact information – As a business body, it should be your responsibility to put contact information in the press release. The reporters can follow you up with these in regards to some further information about your company or in case they want to make a cover story on some of your products. It can be your company’s phone number, e-mail address or maybe any other mode of contact.

These are a few tips to write a good press release. Use these simple tips to write the best press release.